Meditation Techniques

Cost $150.00


Tuesdays, March 19th - April 23rd Evenings: 6-8pm

This 6-week course will teach you the basics of how to begin your meditation practice. Open up and understand your natural abilities to work with energy. When you learn to turn inward, you begin to know who you truly are by getting the answers to some of life's most mysterious questions - Why are we here?  What should we be doing? This is where we find our own truth - through body/spirit communication. This class is being offered at two different times for your convenience. This class is the foundation for all other classes.



This is a year-long, life changing program. Please contact us for more information.


Women’s Intuitive


Mondays, March 18 - April 22nd, Afternoons: 2-4pm

Learn new grounding techniques that will help bring balance. Focus on female energy, while talking about the differences between Male and Female energy in the world around you.




Wednesdays, March 20th - April 24th, Evenings: 6pm-8pm

Learn what intuitive healing is and how to apply it to yourselves and others. This class will show you the techniques necessary to clear energy that no longer serves you.


Archetypal Insights


Archetypes are patterns of behavior that we all hold. Find out which archetypes are influencing your life and use them to better yourself and your life. These techniques are beneficial to all aspects of your being. Explore your ability to control an archetype's influence rather than be controlled by the archetype.