Meditation Techniques

Cost $150.00


Tuesdays, July 10th - August 14th                                                                          Afternoons: 2-4pm  |  Evenings: 6-8pm

This six-week course is designed to help you understand basic energy work and to learn about your personal space. Learn to work with yourself on an energetic level. You will learn basic meditation tools that can be used to improve your overall quality of life. We will meet once a week on Tuesdays, for six weeks.


Women's Intuitive Energy Class

Cost: $150


Wednesdays, July 11th - August 15th                                                       Evenings: 7-9pm  

Thursdays, July 12th - August 16th                                                  Afternoons: 11am-1pm                                                         

This six-week class is designed to put you in touch with female energy.  You will learn different grounding techniques, while we examine the difference between female and male energy, and how they manifest in the world around us.



This is a one year life changing program. Please contact us for more information.